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Issue DateTitleContributor(s)
2020Experiment-9 Calculation of Production Cost of an Egg and One Kilogram Live Broiler-
2017-04-19Experiment-9 Calculation of Production Cost of an Egg and One Kilogram Live Broiler-
2020EXPERIMENT-9 Chaw item leh chaw siama record bu vawn dan-
2017-04-20Experiment-9 Chilling of Fish using Ice-
2017-04-20Experiment-9 Collection and Drying of Shark Fin-
2017Experiment-9 Contaminants: Tin Content in Canned Foods-
2017-04-19Experiment-9 Determination of Efficiency of Pasteurization-
2020Experiment-9 Determination of Specific Heat of a Liquid using a CalorimeterGupta, Sanjay
2018Experiment-9 Determination of The Structure of an Organic Compound Using UV, IR, NMR and Mass Spectra-
2018Experiment-9 Determination of Volatile Oil in SpicesAggarwal, Manjeet
2018Experiment-9 Drip Irrigation SystemKumar, Mukesh
2017-04-22Experiment-9 Enumeration of Microbes in Food Samples-
2017Experiment-9 Estimation of Amino Groups-
2017-04-19Experiment-9 Estimation of Defective Cocoon Percentage from the Given Sample of Cocoon-
2017Experiment-9 Estimation of Soluble Chlorides in Water Sample-
2020Experiment-9 Estimation of Vitamin CKareem, M. Abdul
2018Experiment-9 Evaluation of Coarse Grains for Physical Characteristics-
2017Experiment-9 Experiments using Semiconductor Diodes-
2018Experiment-9 Ground Water LevelKumar, Mukesh
2018Experiment-9 Housing of Dairy CowsSreekumar, D.