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Issue DateTitleContributor(s)
2018Experiment-7 Second Cleaning of Wheat-
2017-04-22Experiment-7 Selection of Sensory Panelists-
2021Experiment-7 Separation of Serum Proteins Using Paper-
2018Experiment-7 Signs of Oestrus in Farm AnimalSreekumar, D.
2017Experiment-7 Squash Technique for the Study of Mitosis and Meiosis-
2017-04-19Experiment-7 Study of Batch Pasteurizer and High Temperature Short Time (HTST) Pasteurizer-
2017-04-19Experiment-7 Study of Refrigeration System: Compressor (Reciprocating), Condensers (Shell & Tube, Atmospheric) and Expansion Devices (Thermostatic) Expansion Valve/Capillary Tube)-
2017Experiment-7 Study of some Properties of Lenses-
2020Experiment-7 Study of Temperature Variation of Surface Tension of a LiquidKumar, Ashok
2021Experiment-7 Study of Variation of Surface Tension with the Concentration of a DetergentMalhotra, Sunita
2017Experiment-7 To Write a PLC Program so as to Control the Operation of DC Motor by Pushing Either of the Push Buttons-
2017Experiment-7 Variation of Thermo-EMF with Temperature-
2020Experiment-7 Visit to Feed Plant and Godowns-
2017Experiment-7 Visit to Feed Plant and GodownsShrivastava, H.P.; Sasidhar, P.V.K.
2020Experiment-7 Visualisation of nuclear fraction by Acetocarmine stain-
2020Experiment-7 Water Medication and Sanitation in Poultry-
2017Experiment-7 Water Medication and Sanitation in PoultryHingane, V. R.
2017-04-19Experiment-7 कुक्कुट को पानी में दवा देना और रोगाणुनाशन-
2017Experiment-7 कृत्रिम रंगों की पहचान और उनका निर्धारण-
2017Experiment-7 जल में अवशिष्ट क्लोरिन का आकलन-