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Issue DateTitleContributor(s)
2017MBP-005 Course Introduction-
2017MBP-006 Course Introduction-
2017MBP-007 Course Introduction-
2017MBP-008 Apprenticeship cum TrainingSunaina, Kumar
2017McDonald's in India part-1-
2017McDonalds in India part-2-
2021MCSL-204 Windows and Linux LabSwathi, K.; Subrahmanyam, V. V.
2021MCSL-205 C and Python LabSubrahmanyam, V. V.; Sharma, Sudhansh
2021MCSL-223 Computer Networks and Data Mining LabSwathi, K.; Kumar, Akshay
2021MDCP-007 Project Work (Handbook on Project Work)Selvan, K.S. Arul; Yadav, Ramesh
2018MDEP- 420 Project WorkNembiakkim, Rose
2019MDVP-117 Project Work-
2020-10-06Measurement and Scaling TechniquesKesharwani, Subodh
2020-06-01Mechanical Design of overhead distribution lineAgrawal, Sanjay
2020MED-008 भूमंडलीकरण और पर्यावरणरेडडी, डी. एन.; रेडडी, के. सी.; कुमार, जे. रवि; विजय, जी. जे.; नारायणन, एन. सी.; हरगोपाल, जी.; चक्रपाणि, जी.; शाह, इशा; सिंह, अमिता; राज्यलक्ष्मी, वी.; राजलक्ष्मी, एन.; गुल्लपल्ली, शैलजा; गुल्लपल्ली, शैलजा; कपूर, के. डी.; गोपाल, दरवेश
2017Media - Perspective & Challenges-
2017Media Education: Concepts & Practices-
2020-05-19Media ownershipRai, Shikha
2017Media Violence and Effects on Children-
2017Medical Disorders During Pregnancy (Part-1)-