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Issue DateTitleContributor(s)
2020Block-1 IS-LM AnalysisTewathia, Nidhi; Barik, Kaustuva
2020Block-2 Determination of GDPBarik, Kaustuva; Tewathia, Nidhi
2020Block-2 GDP and Price Level in Short-Run and Long-RunTewathia, Nidhi; Barik, Kaustuva
2022Block-3 Inequality and PovertyTewathia, Nidhi; Sen, Saugato
2020Block-3 National Income Determination in an Open Economy with GovernmentTewathia, Nidhi; Barik, Kaustuva
2022Block-4 Individuals, Communities and Collective outcomesSen, Saugato; Tewathia, Nidhi
2020Block-4 The Closed economy in the short-runBarik, Kaustuva; Mallick, Jagannath; Tewathia, Nidhi
2022Block-5 Environment and Sustainable DevelopmentTewathia, Nidhi; Sen, Saugato
2019Block-5 India’s Concerns in the Globalising WorldPandey, Pragya; Tewathia, Nidhi; Gopal, Darvesh; Singh, Satish Kumar
2022Block-6 GlobalisationTewathia, Nidhi; Sen, Saugato
2020Unit-1 Equilibrium in the Real SectorTewathia, Nidhi
2022Unit-10 Governance in Organisations and CommunitiesTewathia, Nidhi
2020Unit-10 Keynesian model of income determinationTewathia, Nidhi; Barik, Kaustuva
2020Unit-11 Fiscal policy in keynesian modelTewathia, Nidhi
2022Unit-11 Institutions and Evolution of DemocracyTewathia, Nidhi
2022Unit-12 Theories of RegulationTewathia, Nidhi
2022Unit-13 Changing Perspectives on GlobalisationTewathia, Nidhi
2020Unit-13 Equilibrium in the monetary sectorTewathia, Nidhi; Barik, Kaustuva
2019Unit-14 Environmental ConcernsTewathia, Nidhi
2022Unit-14 Globalisation and DevelopmentTewathia, Nidhi