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Issue DateTitleContributor(s)
2020Block-1 Poultry IndustryRajini, Asha; Kalita, Niranjan; Sasidhar, P.V.K.; Hmar, Lalnuntluangi; Shrivastava, H.P.; Vijayakumar, P.
2017Block-1 Principles of Poultry FeedingShrivastava, H.P.; Sasidhar, P.V.K.
2020Block-2 Ar Taksa PianphungKalita, Niranjan; Shrivastava, H.P.; Vijayakumar, P.; Lalsangzuala, P.C.
2017Block-2 Feeding StandardsShrivastava, H.P.; Sasidhar, P.V.K.
2021Block-3 Biodiversity,Conservation and International TreatiesShrivastava, H.P.; Sasidhar, P.V.K.
2020Bung-1 Chaw mamawh dan/zatShrivastava, H.P.; Sasidhar, P.V.K.
2020Bung-1 Energy leh Protein Pai tam chaw chi hrang hrangShrivastava, H.P.; Sasidhar, P.V.K
2020Bung-2 Ar chaw siam hmaa item hrang hrangte sawngbawl leh chaw quality tha vawnShrivastava, H.P.; Sasidhar, P.V.K.
2020Bung-2 Mineral leh Vitamin belhchhahnaShrivastava, H.P.; Sasidhar, P.V.K
2020Bung-3 Chaw pek dan (Method) hrang hrangteShrivastava, H.P.; Sasidhar, P.V.K.
2020Bung-3 Chaw tihchak nana pawlh chi (Feed Additives) leh tur lam chi (Toxicants)Shrivastava, H.P.; Sasidhar, P.V.K
2020Bung-4 Arsa leh artui sawngbawl leh hralhnaShrivastava, H.P.
2017Experiment-1 Identification of Feed Ingredients for Poultry FeedingShrivastava, H.P.; Sasidhar, P.V.K.
2017Experiment-10 Demonstration of Feeding in PoultryShrivastava, H.P.; Sasidhar, P.V.K.
2017Experiment-3 Sampling of Feed for Quality ControlShrivastava, H.P.; Sasidhar, P.V.K.
2017Experiment-4 Identification and Mixing of Mineral in Poultry FeedShrivastava, H.P.; Sasidhar, P.V.K.
2017Experiment-5 Mixing of Vitamin Supplement in Poultry FeedShrivastava, H.P.; Sasidhar, P.V.K.
2017Experiment-6 Mixing of Feed Additives in Poultry FeedShrivastava, H.P.; Sasidhar, P.V.K.
2017Experiment-7 Visit to Feed Plant and GodownsShrivastava, H.P.; Sasidhar, P.V.K.
2017Experiment-8 Fumigation and Pest Control in Feed Mills/GodownsShrivastava, H.P.; Sasidhar, P.V.K.