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Issue DateTitleContributor(s)
2018Block-1 Introduction to Disaster ManagementWalia, Ajinder; Guleria, Sushma; Khan, Amir Ali; Farrukh Fahim; Bandyopadhyay, Chandrani
2012Block-1 Introduction to disaster managementWalia, Ajinder; Guleria, Sushma; Khan, Amir Ali; Farrukh Fahim; Bandyopadhyay, Chandrani; Gracious Thomas; Patil, R.R.; Guin, Sayantani
2017Block-2 Increased Understanding of Disasters-IIKulshrestha, S. M.; Khan, Amir Ali; Arora, S. B.
2018Block-4 Recovery and ReconstructionBandyopadhyaya, Chandrani; Joseph, Manoj; Khan, Amir Ali; Satapathy, Sujata
2012Block-4 Recovery and reconstructionBandyopadhyay, Chandrani; Joesph, Manoj; Khan, Amir Ali; Satapathy, Sujata
2017Block-5 Community Health and Casualty ManagementMishra, D. C.; Kohli, Rajeev; Khan, Amir Ali
2017Block-6 Reconstruction and RehabilitationKhan, Amir Ali; Sharma, Vinod K.; Dhameja, Alka
2012Unit-2 Type of disaster -I (Hydro-Meteorological Disasters and Geo-Hazards)Khan, Amir Ali; Farrukh Fahim
2017Unit-23 Drinking WaterKohli, Rajeev; Khan, Amir Ali
2017Unit-24 Food and NutritionKohli, Rajeev; Khan, Amir Ali
2017Unit-25 Hygiene and SanitationKohli, Rajeev; Khan, Amir Ali
2017Unit-26 Rehabilitation: Social and Economic AspectsKhan, Amir Ali
2017Unit-29 Housing to Resist Disasters Including RelocationKhan, Amir Ali
2012Unit-3 Physical recovery and reconstructionKhan, Amir Ali
2017Unit-30 Retrofitting Repairing and Strengthening of HousesKhan, Amir Ali
2017Unit-7 Industrial and Technological DisasterKhan, Amir Ali