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Issue DateTitleContributor(s)
2022BCHEL-142 Analytical Methods in Chemistry: LabMalhotra, Sunita; Kumar, Lalita S.; Banerjee, Kamalika; Fozdar, Bharat Inder; Kumar, Sanjiv; Farooqi, Javed A.
2022BCHEL-148 Organometallics, Bioinorganic Chemistry, Polynuclear Hydrocarbons and UV, IR Spectroscopy: LabFozdar, Bharat Inder; Banerjee, Kamalika
2022BCHEL-150 Molecules of Life: LabFozdar, Bharat Inder; Farooqi, Javed A.; Kumar, Lalita S.
2020Block-1 Chemical energeticsKumar, Sanjiv; Vijay Sarda; Fozdar, Bharat Inder
2020Block-2 Chemical and ionic equilibriumKumar, Sanjiv; Banerjee, Kamalika; Vijay Sarda; Fozdar, Bharat Inder
2020Block-3 Aromatic Hydrocarbons and Halogen DerivativesJaved A. Farooqi; Khurana, J.M.; Fozdar, Bharat Inder
2021Block-3 Thermal and Electroanalytical MethodsFozdar, Bharat Inder; Farooqi, J. A.
2020Block-4 Oxygen containing organic compoundsJaved A. Farooqi; Khurana, J.M.; Fozdar, Bharat Inder
2021Unit-10 ConductometryFozdar, Bharat Inder
2019Unit-13 Alkyl HalidesFozdar, Bharat Inder
2019Unit-14 Aryl HadidesFozdar, Bharat Inder
2019Unit-15 AlcoholsFozdar, Bharat Inder
2019Unit-16 PhenolsFozdar, Bharat Inder
2019Unit-17 EthersFozdar, Bharat Inder
2019Unit-18 Aldehydes and KetonsFozdar, Bharat Inder
2019Unit-19 Aromatic Aldehydes and KetonsFozdar, Bharat Inder
2017-04-10Unit-5 ThermodynamicsSarda, Vijay; Fozdar, Bharat Inder
2017-04-10Unit-6 SolutionsSarda, Vijay; Fozdar, Bharat Inder
2017-04-10Unit-7 Chemical EquilibriumSarda, Vijay; Fozdar, Bharat Inder
2017-04-10Unit-8 ElectrochemistrySarda, Vijay; Fozdar, Bharat Inder; Kumar, Sanjiv