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Issue DateTitleContributor(s)
2020BBCCL-108 Enzymes: Laboratory (Practical)Bubber, Parvesh
2021BBCCL-114 Metabolism of Amino Acids and Nucleotides: LaboratorySrivastva, Niraj; Bubber, Parvesh
2020Block-1 Enzymes as BiocatalystsPandey, Maneesha; Bubber, Parvesh
2020Block-1 Introduction to BiochemistryKareem, M. Abdul; Shakya, Arvind Kumar; Bubber, Parvesh
2021Block-1 Nitrogen MetabolismKumar, Shashank; Srivastava, Niraj Kumar; Naryanasamy, Nandita; Bubber, Parvesh
2021Block-1 Proteins: Isolation and SeparationBubber, Parvesh; Kareem, M. Abdul
2021Block-1 Tools and Techniques in BiochemistryBubber, Parvesh; Shakya, Arvind K.
2021Block-2 Biosynthesis of Amino Acids and Related MoleculesKumar, Shashank; Naryanasamy, Nandita; Dhamija, Neeru; Bubber, Parvesh
2020Block-2 Enzyme KineticsPandey, Maneesha; Bubber, Parvesh
2021Block-3 Biosynthesis of NucleotidesBubber, Parvesh
2020Block-3 Mechanisms and Regulation of Enzyme ActivityDhanda, Suman; Baunthiyal, Mamta; Bubber, Parvesh
2020Block-4 Applications of EnzymesDhanda, Suman; Bubber, Parvesh
2022Block-4 Bio Analytical TechniquesBubber, Parvesh; Sharma, Kanika; Ahmad Ali; Kumar, Sanjiv; Rupini, B.
2021Block-4 Nucleotide DegradationSrivastava, Niraj Kumar; Dhamija, Neeru; Bubber, Parvesh
2021Unit-1 Amino Acids, Peptides and ProteinsBubber, Parvesh
2020Unit-11 Applications of EnzymesBubber, Parvesh
2021Unit-11 Degradation of Purine and Pyrimidine NucleotidesBubber, Parvesh
2022Unit-12 BiosensorsBubber, Parvesh
2020Unit-3 Amino AcidsBubber, Parvesh
2020Unit-4 Peptides and ProteinsBubber, Parvesh