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Issue DateTitleContributor(s)
2023Block-1 Introduction to Child DevelopmentSen, Rekha Sharma; Sharma, Seema
2023Block-1 Introduction to ECCE and Foundational Stage EducationSen, Rekha Sharma; Sharma, Seema; Datta, Vrinda; Singh, Deepshikha; Nagpal, Sheetal
2023Block-1 Planning the Physical EnvironmentSen, Rekha Sharma; Sharma, Seema; Ram, Susmita
2023Block-2 Managing Early Years EducationTandon, Amita; Sharma, Seema; Sen, Rekha Sharma
2023Block-2 Physical, Motor and Sensory DevelopmentSen, Rekha Sharma; Sharma, Seema; Abrol, Usha; Nagpal, Sheetal
2023Block-3 Cognitive Development – Selected Perspectives and their Implications for Teaching-Learning, Part-1Sen, Rekha Sharma; Nagpal, Sheetal; Sharma, Seema
2023Block-3 Practices for Inclusive EducationSen, Rekha Sharma; Sharma, Seema; Victoria Naomi; Mhatre, Punam; Goyal, Anushree
2023Block-4 Pedagogies, Methods and Materials: Part-1Sen, Rekha Sharma; Sharma, Seema; Saini, Himani
2023Block-5 Preschool Education, Methods and Materials: Part-2Sen, Rekha Sharma; Saini, Himani; Sharma, Seema
2023Block-5 Socio-Emotional DevelopmentSen, Rekha Sharma; Sharma, Seema; Lamba, Reema; Nagpal, Sheetal
2023Block-6 Curriculum Planning and EvaluationSen, Rekha Sharma; Dev, Pranjali; Sharma, Seema; Bhargava, Shruti; Saini, Himani; Tandon, Amita
2020-06-24Caring for sick child DECE-2 unit-21Sharma, Seema
2020-06-27Importance of play in development unit-5Sharma, Seema
2020-06-26Major deficiency diseases part-1Sharma, Seema
2020-06-26Major deficiency diseases part-2Sharma, Seema
2023MCDL-001 Supervised PracticumBadgujar, Preetika; Sen, Rekha Sharma; Tandon, Amita; Sharma, Seema; Saini, Himani; Narayan, Jayanthi
2023MCDP-001 Project Work 1: Working with Young Children in a Pre-Primary SettingSen, Rekha Sharma; Sharma, Seema
2020-06-26Needs and rights of children Unit-4Sharma, Seema
2020-06-27Planning balanced diet 1Sharma, Seema
2020-06-27Planning balanced diet 2Sharma, Seema