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Issue DateTitleContributor(s)
2023Block-4 Exchange Rate and Balance of PaymentsSen, Saugato; Banwari, Vijeta; Tewathia, Nidhi
2022Block-4 Individuals, Communities and Collective outcomesSen, Saugato; Tewathia, Nidhi
2020Block-4 Multivariate OptimisationSharma, S.P.; Sen, Saugato
2022Block-4 Political Institutions and the Functioning of the StateSen, Saugato
2022Block-4 Single-Period Random Cash FlowsJain, Vaishali; Sabherwal, Karan; Sen, Saugato
2019Block-4 Single-variable optimisationSen, Saugato; Arora, Chetali
2022Block-5 Asset PricingSabherwal, Karan; Sen, Saugato
2022Block-5 Environment and Sustainable DevelopmentTewathia, Nidhi; Sen, Saugato
2019Block-5 IntegrationSen, Saugato; Arora, Chetali
2023Block-5 International FinanceSen, Saugato; Banwari, Vijeta; Tewathia, Nidhi
2019Block-6 Difference equationsSen, Saugato; Rai, Jagmohan; Arora, Chetali
2022Block-6 GlobalisationTewathia, Nidhi; Sen, Saugato
2023Block-6 GlobalisationSen, Saugato; Banwari, Vijeta; Tewathia, Nidhi
2022Block-6 Pricing of Futures Options and Other DerivativesSabherwal, Karan; Sen, Saugato
2022Block-7 Corporate Finance and PolicySabherwal, Karan; Sen, Saugato
2023Block-7 Trade, Growth and DevelopmentSen, Saugato; Banwari, Vijeta; Tewathia, Nidhi
2023Block-8 India's Foreign Trade: Policy and ChallengesSen, Saugato; Banwari, Vijeta; Tewathia, Nidhi
2022Unit-1 Concepts Indicators and MeasurementSen, Saugato
2020Unit-1 Multivariate Calculus-ISen, Saugato
2020Unit-10 DualitySen, Saugato