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Issue DateTitleContributor(s)
2019Block-3 Optical MineralogyMishra, Meenal; Deshmukh, Benidhar
2020Block-3 Sedimentary PetrologyTiwari, R.N.; Gogoi, Kakoli; Mishra, Meenal
2023Block-3 Visual InterpretationMishra, Meenal; Kumar, Shamita; Deshmukh, Benidhar; Gogoi, Kakoli; Verma, Omkar
2019Block-4 Economic GeologyMishra, Meenal; Benidhar, Deshmukh
2020Block-4 Metamorphic PetrologyPrakash, Divya; Mishra, Meenal; Gogoi, Kakoli
2024Block-4 Some other ApplicationsVyas, Anjana; Chowdhuri, Indrani; Sinha, L. K.; Jain, Sadhana; Thakker, P.S.; Mishra, Meenal; R. Baskar
2023Block-4 Spatial Analysis and OutputsSingh, Daljit; Kumar, Arun; Kumar, R. Narayana; M. Prashanth; Mishra, Meenal
2018Deccan Volcanism : an Inside StoryMishra, Meenal
2020Experiment-1 Megascopic Study of Common Felsic Igneous RocksMishra, Meenal
2020Experiment-2 Megascopic Study of Common Intermediate Igneous RocksMishra, Meenal
2020Experiment-3 Megascopic Study of Common Mafic Igneous RocksMishra, Meenal
2020Experiment-4 Megascopic Study of Common Ultramafic Igneous RocksMishra, Meenal
2020Experiment-5 Microscopic Study of Common Felsic and Intermediate RocksMishra, Meenal
2020Experiment-6 Microscopic Study of Common Mafic and Ultramafic RocksMishra, Meenal
2020-06-04Geology Around Us: Part-IDubey, Amitosh; Mishra, Meenal
2020Igneous Textures, Processes and Pathways: Fabric Related to Textural Equilibrium and Consolidation of Volcaniclasts into Solid Rock.Khan, S.A; Dubey, Amitosh; Mishra, Meenal; Sgrivastava, J.P.
2020-08MetamorphismDubey, Amitosh; Mishra, Meenal; Pant, N. C.
2021-05-18Physical Properties of Minerals Depending on State of Aggregation-Specific Gravity and SenseDubey, Amitosh; Mishra, Meenal; Shrivastava, J.P.
2021-05-18Physical Properties of Minerals Depending on State of Aggregation : Hardness and TenacityShrivastava, J.P.; Dubey, Amitosh; Mishra, Meenal
2021-05-18Physical Properties of Minerals Depending on ForcesDubey, Amitosh; Mishra, Meenal; Shrivastava, J.P.