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Issue DateTitleContributor(s)
2021BCHCL-136 Chemistry Lab III : Solutions, Phase equilibrium, Conductance, Electrochemistry and Functional Group Organic Chemistry-IIMalhotra, Sunita; Banerjee, Kamalika; Farooqi, Javed A.; Kumar, Sanjiv
2021BCHCL-138 Chemistry Lab IV: Coordination Chemistry, States of Matter and Chemical KineticsMalhotra, Sunita; Kumar, Sanjiv; Banerjee, Kamalika
2022BCHEL-142 Analytical Methods in Chemistry: LabMalhotra, Sunita; Kumar, Lalita S.; Banerjee, Kamalika; Fozdar, Bharat Inder; Kumar, Sanjiv; Farooqi, Javed A.
2022Block-1 BiochemistryKumar, Sanjiv; Gupta, Sanjay; Laxmi
2020Block-1 Chemical energeticsKumar, Sanjiv; Vijay Sarda; Fozdar, Bharat Inder
2020Block-2 Chemical and ionic equilibriumKumar, Sanjiv; Banerjee, Kamalika; Vijay Sarda; Fozdar, Bharat Inder
2022Block-2 Spectroscopic MethodsKumar, Sanjiv; Rupini, B.
2021Block-3 BioenergeticsDhamija, Neeru; Srivastava, Manoj; Kumar, Sanjiv; Pandey, Maneesha
2021Block-3 States of MatterKumar, Sanjiv; Kamalika, Banerjee
2022Block-4 Bio Analytical TechniquesBubber, Parvesh; Sharma, Kanika; Ahmad Ali; Kumar, Sanjiv; Rupini, B.
2021Block-4 Chemical KineticsKumar, Sanjiv; Banerjee, Kamalika
2023Block-4 Safety in a LaboratoryKannan, S.; Fozdar, Bharat Inder; Kumar, Sanjiv; Kumar, Lalita S.
2022Block-4 Spectroscopic Methods of AnalysisKumar, Lalita S.; Kumar, Sanjiv; Farooqi, J. A.
2022Block-5 Atomic Absorption and Emission SpectrometryKumar, Sanjiv
2021Experiment-10 To Study the Kinetics of Acid-Catalysed Hydrolysis of an Ester by TitrimetryKumar, Sanjiv
2021Experiment-11 To Study the Kinetics of Saponification of an Ester by TitrimetryKumar, Sanjiv
2021Experiment-9 To Study the Kinetics of Persulphate-Iodide Ion Reaction by Initial Rate MethodKumar, Sanjiv
2017-04-10Unit-1 Basic Concepts in ChemistrySarda, Vijay; Kumar, Lalita S.; Kumar, Sanjiv
2021Unit-13 Chemical Kinetics-IKumar, Sanjiv
2022Unit-13 Infrared SpectrometryKumar, Sanjiv