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Issue DateTitleContributor(s)
2018Experiment-1 Determination of Soil TextureKumar, Mukesh
2018Experiment-1 Rainfall MeasurementKumar, Mukesh
2018Experiment-10 Irrigation PumpsKumar, Mukesh
2018Experiment-10 Measurement of Hydraulic ConductivityKumar, Mukesh
2018Experiment-11 Visit to a Agriculture Meteorological ObservatoryKumar, Mukesh
2018Experiment-2 Computation of Average RainfallKumar, Mukesh
2018Experiment-2 Soil Moisture at Field Capacity and Wilting Point and Available Water Holding CapacityKumar, Mukesh
2018Experiment-3 Bulk Density of SoilKumar, Mukesh
2018Experiment-3 Computation of Rain Fall intensities for Different DurationsKumar, Mukesh
2018Experiment-4 Computation of Peak Runoff Rate by Rational MethodKumar, Mukesh
2018Experiment-5 Measurement of Infiltration RateKumar, Mukesh
2018Experiment-5 Storage Capacity of Water Storage StructuresKumar, Mukesh
2018Experiment-6 Discharge Measurements by Float and Volumetric MethodsKumar, Mukesh
2018Experiment-6 Estimation of Potential, Crop Water Requirement for Different CropsKumar, Mukesh
2018Experiment-7 Discharge of Irrigation Channel by Manning's FormulaKumar, Mukesh
2018Experiment-7 Irrigation SchedulingKumar, Mukesh
2018Experiment-8 Discharge Measurements by V-Notch and FlumeKumar, Mukesh
2018Experiment-8 Sprinkler Irrigation SystemKumar, Mukesh
2018Experiment-9 Drip Irrigation SystemKumar, Mukesh
2018Experiment-9 Ground Water LevelKumar, Mukesh