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Issue DateTitleContributor(s)
2021Block-1 Basics of E-commerceMalhotra, Charru; Kesharwani, Subodh
2022Block-1 Data Collection and AnalysisKesharwani, Subodh; Sarkar, Madhulika P.
2020Block-1 Fundamentals of ComputersKesharwani, Subodh; Dubey, Arvind Kumar; Dhusia, D.K.; Kesharwani, Subodh
2022Block-1 Introduction to Strategic Management-5Kesharwani, Subodh; Sarkar, Madhulika P.
2020Block-2 Data HandlingJain, Amita; Tripathi, R.C.; Shree, Deep; Kesharwani, Subodh
2021Block-2 E-Payment SystemsAgrawal, Raj; Kesharwani, Subodh
2022Block-2 Environmental AnalysisKesharwani, Subodh; Sarkar, Madhulika P.
2022Block-3 Formulation of StrategyKesharwani, Subodh; Sarkar, Madhulika P.
2021Block-3 Website Development and HostingJyoti; Shailza; Dhusia, D.K.; Singh, Neeraj Kumar; Kesharwani, Subodh
2020Block-3 Word ProcessingSaxena, Ritesh; Kesharwani, Subodh
2021Block-4 Cyber Security and IT ActSharma, Sudhansh; Shree, Deep; Sharma, Vinita; Kesharwani, Subodh
2020Block-4 PowerPoint Presentation and MultimediaKesharwani, Subodh; Mishra, M.P.
2022Block-4 Strategy Implementation and ControlKesharwani, Subodh; Sarkar, Madhulika P.
2020Block-5 Computation of total Income and Tax LiabilityUpadhya, Arun; Kesharwani, Subodh; Sarkar, Madhulika P.
2021Block-5 Online Portal and ApplicationSharma, Nitika; Saxena, Ritesh; Sharma, Vinita; Kesharwani, Subodh
2020-09-21Collection of DataKesharwani, Subodh
2020-06-10Emerging Opportunities in Business Part-1Kesharwani, Subodh
2020-06-10Emerging Opportunities in Business Part-2Kesharwani, Subodh
2020-09-19General data protection regulationKesharwani, Subodh
2020-09-23Internet Services and EmailKesharwani, Subodh