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Issue DateTitleContributor(s)
2018-01-05Section-4 Regional Meal PatternsRajni, Bhushan; Thomas, Annu J.; Kapur, Deeksha
2019Unit-10 Nutrition Policy and ProgrammesKapur, Deeksha
2019Unit-10 Nutritional Management of Eating DisordersKapur, Deeksha
2019Unit-11 Reference Values, Health Indicators and Validity of Diagnostic TestsKapur, Deeksha
2019Unit-12 Strategies to Combat Public Nutrition Problems-IKapur, Deeksha
2019Unit-13 Nutritional Management of Metabolic Diseases II - Gout And Inborn Errors of MetabolismKapur, Deeksha
2021Unit-2 Human Energy RequirementsKapur, Deeksha
2020Unit-20 Assessment of Nutritional StatusKapur, Deeksha
2018-01-04Unit-25 Assessment of Nutritional StatusKapur, Deeksha
2019Unit-3 Design Strategies in Research: Descriptive StudiesKapur, Deeksha
2019Unit-4 Design Strategies in Research: Analytic StudiesKapur, Deeksha
2019Unit-4 Medical Nutrition Therapy in Critical CareKapur, Deeksha
2018-01-02Unit-5 The Micronutrients-II:MineralsKapur, Deeksha
2019Unit-6 Nutritional Management of Food Allergies and Food IntoleranceKapur, Deeksha
2018-01-02Unit-7 Principles of Meal Planning and Meal Planning For the AdultKapur, Deeksha
2020Unit-7 The Micronutrients-II: MineralsKapur, Deeksha
2018-01-02Unit-8 Meal Planning for Pregnant and Lactating WomenKapur, Deeksha
2020Unit-8 Planning Balanced DietsThomas, Annu J.; Kapur, Deeksha
2020Unit-9 Meal Planning for Pregnant and Lactating WomenThomas, Annu J.; Kapur, Deeksha
2018-01-02Unit-9 Meal Planning for the Infant and PreschoolerKapur, Deeksha