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Issue DateTitleContributor(s)
2021Unit-1 Approaches, Methods and Techniques in English Language TeachingGupta, Anju Sahgal
2020Unit-1 Developing Critical, Analytical and Interpretive Thinking SkillsGupta, Anju Sahgal
2020Unit-1 Informal Interpersonal FunctionsKrishnan, Malathy; Gupta, Anju Sahgal
2017Unit-1 The BasicsJayarajan, P.; Gupta, Anju Sahgal
2020Unit-1 The Basics of WritingGupta, Anju Sahgal
2020Unit-1 The Process of CommunicationGupta, Anju Sahgal
2020Unit-1 The Reading SkillRamani, P. N.; Gupta, Anju Sahgal
2017Unit-10 Group DiscussionsJayarajan, P.; Gupta, Anju Sahgal
2021Unit-10 Work Ethics and Social Media EtiquetteGupta, Anju Sahgal
2017Unit-11 Body LanguageJayarajan, P.; Gupta, Anju Sahgal
2021Unit-11 Copyright and PlagiarismGupta, Anju Sahgal
2017Unit-12 The Writing Skill: Some Basic GuidelinesJayarajan, P.; Gupta, Anju Sahgal
2017Unit-13 Internal Correspondence at the WorkplaceJayarajan, P.; Gupta, Anju Sahgal
2017Unit-14 External Correspondence at the WorkplaceJayarajan, P.; Gupta, Anju Sahgal
2017Unit-15 Basic Features of ProposalsJayarajan, P.; Gupta, Anju Sahgal
2017Unit-16 Writing ReportsJayarajan, P.; Gupta, Anju Sahgal
2020Unit-2 Making Enquiries/Asking QuestionsKrishnan, Malathy; Gupta, Anju Sahgal
2017Unit-2 Social SkillsJayarajan, P.; Gupta, Anju Sahgal
2020Unit-2 Techniques of Note Taking – Main and Subordinate PointsGupta, Anju Sahgal
2020Unit-2 The Globalization of Communication: A Global VillageAmritavalli, R; Gupta, Anju Sahgal