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Issue DateTitleContributor(s)
2020Block-2 Classical thinkersNath, Sanghamitra; Narula, Vaishali; R. Anitha; Kanal, A. Senthamizh; Dhameja, Alka
2020Block-2 Classical thinkersDhameja, Alka
2021Block-2 Development, Sustainability and Climate ChangeMitra, Susmita; Ambalam, Kannan; Dhameja, Alka
2021Block-2 Public Policy and IdeologySapru, R.K; Dhameja, Alka
2022Block-2 Socio-Economic IssuesM, Poornima; Sharma, Daisy; Ambalam, Kannan; Dhameja, Alka
2020Block-3 Behavioural and systems thinkersMedury, Uma; Sharma, Daisy; Kanal, A. Senthamizh; Dhameja, Alka
2020Block-3 Behavioural and systems thinkersDhameja, Alka
2021Block-3 Health, Education and Food SecurityAmbalam, Kannan; Sapru, R. K.; Dhameja, Alka
2022Block-3 Organisational IssuesSapru, R.K.; Dhameja, Alka
2021Block-3 Public Policy and Civil SocietySharma, Daisy; Dhameja, Alka
2020Block-3 Public Policy PerspectiveSapru, R.K.; Dhameja, Alka
2021Block-4 Policy EvaluationSharma, Daisy; Sapru, R.K; Dhameja, Alka
2020Block-4 Political and Social PerspectivesM, Poornima; Chopra, Sandhya; Dhameja, Alka
2020Block-4 Socio-Psychological thinkersChopra, Sandhya; A. Anitha; Nathan, B. Santhil; Dhameja, Alka
2020Block-4 Socio-Psychological thinkersDhameja, Alka
2021Block-4 Sustainable Development: A Way ForwardSharma, Nivedita; Dhameja, Alka
2020Block-5 Contemporary PerspectivesBagai, Anita; Anitha, R.; Medury, Uma; Dhameja, Alka
2020Block-5 Management and public policy thinkersNath, Sanghamitra; Chopra, Sandhya; Shrama, Daisy; Dhameja, Alka
2020Block-5 Management and public policy thinkersDhameja, Alka
2017Block-6 Reconstruction and RehabilitationKhan, Amir Ali; Sharma, Vinod K.; Dhameja, Alka