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Issue DateTitleContributor(s)
2021Block-1 Aggregate Demand and SupplyAggarwal, Archana; Barik, Kaustuva
2021Block-1 Descriptive StatisticsBarik, Kaustuva
2021Block-1 Econometric Theory: FundamentalsSharma, Pooja; Barik, Kaustuva
2021Block-1 Economic GrowthBhatia, Archi; Barik, Kaustuva
2020Block-1 IS-LM AnalysisTewathia, Nidhi; Barik, Kaustuva
2020Block-1 Issues in Macroeconomics and National Income AccountingBarik, Kaustuva; Kaur, Sarabjit
2020Block-1 Issues in macroeconomics and national income accountingMalhan, R C; Kaur, Sarabjit; Barik, Kaustuva
2023Block-1 Traditional Approaches to MacroeconomicsMallick, Jagannath; Dastidar, Ananya Ghosh; Barik, Kaustuva
2020Block-2 Determination of GDPBarik, Kaustuva; Tewathia, Nidhi
2023Block-2 Expectations and MacroeconomicsSingh, Manjula; Barik, Kaustuva
2021Block-2 Expectations, Inflation and UnemploymentManjhi, Tarun; Barik, Kaustuva
2020Block-2 GDP and Price Level in Short-Run and Long-RunTewathia, Nidhi; Barik, Kaustuva
2021Block-2 Microeconomic FoundationsMondal, Baishakhi; Barik, Kaustuva
2020Block-2 Money in a modern economyAggarwal, Priti; Barik, Kaustuva
2021Block-2 Regression Models: Two Variables CaseSharma, Puja; Barik, Kaustuva
2021Block-2 Summarisation of Bivariate and Multivariate DataBarik, Kaustuva
2021Block-3 Balance of Payments and Exchange RateBhatia, Archi; Barik, Kaustuva
2021Block-3 Fiscal and Monetary PolicyKumar, Krishna; Barik, Kaustuva
2020Block-3 InflationKaur, Gurleen; Barik, Kaustuva
2020Block-3 Inflation and UnemploymentKaur, Gurleen; Barik, Kaustuva