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Issue DateTitleContributor(s)
2022Block-3 Managerial Control StrategiesSeth, Dinesh; Srinivasan, G.; S. Philipose; Agrawal, Sanjay
2022Block-4 Introduction to Project ManagementGhosh, Amitva; Bhasin, H. V.; Kulshrestha, Manoj; Unnikrishnan, Seema; Agrawal, Sanjay
2020-06-24D.C.Circuits -IAgrawal, Sanjay
2020-06-24D.C.Circuits -IIAgrawal, Sanjay
2020-09-28Live session on : Characteristics and Applications of DC MotorAgrawal, Sanjay
2020-05-20Maintenance and Safety of Domestic Electrical Appliances During Pandemic Covid-19Agrawal, Sanjay
2020-06-01Mechanical Design of overhead distribution lineAgrawal, Sanjay
2020-06-07Network Analysis (Problem and Solution)Agrawal, Sanjay
2020-06-26Network Theorems-IAgrawal, Sanjay
2020-06-26Network Theorems-IIAgrawal, Sanjay
2020-07-06Network Theory (Problem and Solution)Agrawal, Sanjay
2020-05-27Overview of Power Distribution SystemAgrawal, Sanjay
2020-04-14Photovoltic Effect and Solar Photovoltic Technologise for Domastic ApplicationsAgrawal, Sanjay
2020-08-18Power Losses and Efficiency of TransformerAgrawal, Sanjay
2020-07-27Resonance CircuitsAgrawal, Sanjay
2020-07-16Single Phase A.C. CircuitsAgrawal, Sanjay
2020-05-13Solar Dryer Systems and Solar Green HouseAgrawal, Sanjay
2020-05-06Solar Thermal and Biomas Based Energy TechnologiesAgrawal, Sanjay
2020-04-29Solar Thermal TechnologiesAgrawal, Sanjay
2020-06-09TransformerAgrawal, Sanjay