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MPA-012 Administrative Theory : [22]

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Unit-1 Public Administration - Meaning, Nature and Scope and Importance

Unit-2 Nature and Typologies of Organisation

Unit-3 Development and Growth of Administrative Theories

Unit-4 Scientific Management Approach

Unit-5 Administrative Management Approach

Unit-6 Max Weber's Theory of Bureaucracy

Unit-7 Critique of Bureaucracy

Unit-8 Human Relations Approach

Unit-9 Views of Herbert A. Simon on Decisoin-Making in an Organisation

Unit-10 Organisational Structure, Processes and Functioning

Unit-11 Socio-Psychological Approach: Views of Chris Argyris

Unit-12 Socio-Psychological Approach: Views of Abraham Maslow and Frederick Herzberg

Unit-13 Socio-Psychological Approach: Views of Doughlas Mcgregor and Victor Vroom

Unit-14 Open and Cooperative Systems

Unit-15 Systems Approach: Views of David Easton and Chester Barnard

Unit-16 Concept of Learning Organisation

Unit-17 New Organisational Culture

Unit-18 New Public Administration

Unit-19 Perspective of Public Choice

Unit-20 Pertinence of Critical Theory

Unit-21 New Public Management Perspective

Unit-22 State of Administrative Theory in 21st Century


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