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MPA-016 Decentralisation and Local Governance : [23]

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Unit-1 Concept, Evolution and Significance of Democratic Decentralisation

Unit-2 Contextual Dimensions of Democratic Decentralisation-1: Political, Constitutional and Administrative

Unit-3 Contextual Dimensions of Democratic Decentralisation-Ii: Social, Economic and Geographical

Unit-4 Understanding Decentralisation in Contemporary Settings

Unit-5 Components of Decentralised Development – I: Empowerment

Unit-6 Components of Decentralised Development – II: Socioeconomic and Politico-administrative

Unit-7 Components of Decentralised Development – III Equal Distribution of Benefits of Development

Unit-8 Partnership Among Different Levels of Government – I: Union and State Governments

Unit-9 Partnership Among Different Levels of Government – II: Local Authorities and Special Purpose Agencies

Unit-10 Partnership Between Local Government and Non-State Agencies/Actors

Unit-11 Impact of Decentralised Development

Unit-12 Evolution of Local Governance (Before 73rd & 74th) Amendment

Unit-13 Features Of 73rd and 74th constitutional Amendment

Unit-14 Organisational Structure of Rural Local Bodies

Unit-15 Organisational Structure of Urban Local Bodies

Unit-16 Intra-Local Government Relationship-I:- Rural

Unit-17 Intra-Local Government Relationship- II- Urban

Unit-18 Development Planning: Nature and Scope

Unit-19 Micro Level Plans: Formulation and Implementation

Unit-20 Structural Reforms: Resources, Finances, Powers and Functions

Unit-21 Capacity Building of Grassroots Functionaries

Unit-22 Sustainable Development and Challenges to Decentralised Governance

Unit-23 Decentralisation: The Road Ahead


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