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MPSE-009 Canada: Politics and Society : [17]

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Unit-1 A Settlers Society and Staples Economy

Unit-2 Constitutionalism BNA Act of 1867, Constitutional Act of 1982, Charter of Rights and Freedoms

Unit-3 Parliamentary Federal Institutions in Canada - Executive, Legislature and Judiciary

Unit-4 Federalism, Intergovernmental Relations and Fiscal Federalism

Unit-5 Public Administration in Canada

Unit-6 Political Parties, Pressure Groups and Policy Communities

Unit-7 Social Movements and NGOs: Environment, Anti Globalisation and Gender

Unit-8 Aboriginals and Aboriginal Self Government

Unit-9 Civil Society: Policy Development and Service Delivery

Unit-10 Language, Culture and Politics: Quebec

Unit-11 Ethnic and Racial Issues and Multiculturalism in Canada

Unit-12 Regionalism and Provincialism

Unit-13 Immigrants, Refugees and Minorities

Unit-14 Liberal Internationalism

Unit-15 Human Security Agenda

Unit-16 Canada in the International Political Economy

Unit-17 India-Canada Partnership


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