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Digital Librarie e-Products and Services

Impact of ICT on Library and Information Science Education

Indian Budgeting System-1

Indian Budgeting System-2

International Relations

Library Automation Planning and Implementation

Multiple Regression and Hypothesis Testing

Participant Observation and Ethnography

Post Industrial Society

Research Methodology Conceptual Foundation

The Eighteenth Century Debate-1

The Eighteenth Century Debate-2

Tribal Ethnicity and Social Movements

Administrative Responsiveness 1

Administrative Responsiveness 2

Agrarian System of The Delhi Sultans Session 2

Agrarian System of The Delhi Sultans Session 1

Alerting Services

Alienation and Social Process

Alternative Security Scenario in the Global Politics

Autocorrelation and Heteroscedasticity

BLIS Programme An Introduction

Business Practices During the Medieval Period

Caste Class and Gender

Catalogue Key to the Library

Cataloguing Part I

Cataloguing Part II

Characteristics of Employment and Employment Policies

Civil Society

Civil Society and Public Policy

Colonization of India Economy


Community Participation in Disaster Management

Concept of class in the writings of Karl Marx and Max Weber

Concepts and Theories of Social Structure

Contemporary Issues in Political Theory

Creation of e-resources

Creation of e-resources Part-II

Culture and Society

Decline of the Mughal Empire-1

Decline of the Mughal Empire-2

Democracy in Search of Equality

Development Concept and Theories

Differential Calculus and Economic Analysis

Human Rights An Introduction

Digital Preservation

Digital Preservation-2


Governance in india

Hypothesis Testing

Disaster Management Building Fire

Document Delivery Services

Ecological Approach to Public Administration

Economic Development

Economic Reforms in India

Education and Social Mobility

India Australia Relations

Electronic Journals Access and Management

Establishment and Consolidation of the Delhi Sultanate

Evolution of Public Administration

Fundamental Categories in Library Classification

Gamblers Ruin Problem-II

Gandhian Perspective on Development

Gloablisation Issue and Opportunities


IGNOU SOSS Teleconference at 1pm

IGNOU SOSS Teleconference at 3-30pm

Industrial Produtivity in India-1

Information And Society Part-1

Information And Society Part-2

Information Communication and Society

Information Literacy Part-I

Information Society-1

Information Society-2

Information Storage and Retrieval

Institutional Repositories-1

Institutional Repositories-2

Integral Calculus and Economic Dynamics

Introduction to Public Policy-1

Introduction to Public Policy 2

Issues Marginality

Issues of Modernity


Legacy of the Freedom Struggle

Library Automation Practical

Library Automation Practical Tips

Link Between Forest Resources and People

Man and Society

Management Theories and Principles Their Application in Libraries and Information Centers

Mathematics for Economic Analysis

Medieval Indian Paintings

Mitigating Disasters

Modern Economic Growth Rate Structure and Spread

Modern World An Introduction

Monuments of Delhi

Nature And Scope of Social Sciences

New Public Administration

On State Para Statal Actors And Social movements

Participant Observation

Computers in Libraries


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