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Wireless & Mobile Communication

Unix Shell Programming-I

Uncertain Knowledge and Reasoning-1

Numerical and Statistical Computing-1

Multithreading in Java

Introduction to Operating Systems

AI Programming Languages-1

Uncertain Knowledge and Reasoning-2

Scheduling in OS

Orientation On MCA Projects Proposals and Project Reports-1

Structures and Unions in C Programming

Introduction to DBMS

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence -2

Database System Architecture

Problem Solving With Computers-2

JDBC Programming


LISP Part-3 Artificial Intelligence-2

Numerical and Statistical Computing-2

Introduction to Java Programming-3

Fuzzy Logic Why and What-2

Functions in C Programming

Computer Graphics Projection

AI Programming Languages-2

Virtual Memory

String Handling in C Programming

Introduction to Java Programming-2

Fuzzy Logic Why and What-1

Fuzzy Logic Why and What

Computer Organisation Digital Electronics

Introduction to Distributed Systems

Random Variables and Probability Distributions-4

introduction to UML

AI Programming languages-1 LISP Part-5

Software Configuration Management

Session Tracking in Servlet Programming

Orientation On MCA Projects Proposals and Project Reports-2

Numerical and Statistical Techniques-6

AI Programming Language LISP -3

Symbolic Logic Knowledge Representation

Protection and Security in OS

Operating Systems

Numerical Problems in Computer Networks

Number Representation

JDBC Programming-2

Transformations in Computer Graphics

AI Programming Language LISP -1

Working With Obejct Orientation and Relationships Using UML


Symbolic Logic Knowledge Presentation

Optometry Practice Visual Acuity

Algorithms Technique for Solving Problems-2

Introduction to C Programming-II

AI Programming Language LISP -2

Random Variables and Probability Distributions-5

Writing Servlets

Unix Shell Programming-II

LISP Part-3 Artificial Intelligence-1

Introduction to C Programming-I

Components of Discretemathematics in Computer Science

Sorting Algorithms and Asymptotic Notations-III

Servlet Basics

Multithreading in Java-2

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence -1

Process Management OS

Problem Solving With Computers-1

Knowledge Representations Part-I

JDBC Programming-1

Internet Protocol-2

IO and File Management in OS

Random Variables and Probability Distributions-3

Introduction to Java Programming-1

Internet Protocol-1

Fuzzy Logic Why and What.

AI Languages LIPS Artificial Intelligence

Normal Distribution

AI Programming Language LISP-1

AI Programming Language LISP-2

Basics of C Programming-II

Floating Point Representation

Flowchart and Algorithm


QoS in Mobile Communication

Sequential Circuits The Flipflops

Working with State Diagrams

Working with Use Case Diagrams

Working with Sequence Diagrams

Relational Database Management System Basic Concept

Quality Management Principle Part-1

Introdution to Multimedia on WWW

Fact Finding Techniques Part-1

Introduction to Computer and Networking

An Introduction to Advanced Diploma in Information Technology

Java Seurity

Object Oriented Programming in Java Part-1

The Basic of Internet

Intro to Trees and Data Structure

Performance of a Computer System Part-1

Basics of Database Management System

Design and web page using HTML Code( CSM-05 Multimedia Web Authoring )


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