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Women and Social Work

Women and HIV Social Work Response

Voluntary Action VIII

Voluntary Action Part III

Voluntary Action in Rural Development- 3

Voluntary Action in Rural Development- 2

Voluntary Action in Rural Development

Voluntary Action

Vital Statistics and Quality of Life

Tips of Television Reporting

Testing of Hypothesis

Strategies to Combat Public Nutrition

Social Welfare Programmes in 5 Years Plans

Social Group Work-1

Social Development During Infancy

Social Case Work-2

Social Case Work

Second and Order Ordinary Differential Equations

Rural Health Services

Rural Extension

Rural Economic Structure Course MRD- 101

Rural Development Programmes-2

Rural Development Programmes-1

Rural Demography Part-III

Rural Demography Part-II

Introduction to Journalism

Nutrition in Adolescence


Nutritional Deficiency Disorders

News Source Analysis

Field Work and Dissertation in Rural Development-2

Fat Soluble Vitamins

Research and Project Work-1

Radio Interviews

Nutritional Demand Sports and Dietary Recommendations

Land Reforms and Rural Development- 1

Khel Saamagri Kaise Banayen

Food Preservation

Carbohydrate Metabolism

Radio Documentary-1

Introduction to Journalism and Mass Communication

Bhashaye Vikas Hetu Kriyaklap

Feedback Session for Awareness Cum Training Packages in Disability

Land Reforms and Rural Development- 3

Introduction to the Course MRD-101


Developmental Broadcasting Relevance and Scope

Carbohydrate Metabolism Part-2

Rural Demography Part-I

Research and Project Work-2

Radio News Reporting and Features

Planning a Rural Enterprise

Panchayate Raj

Nutrition for School Children


How to Write The Dissertation

HIV AIDS and Communication Strategies For Rural Women

Entrepreneurship and Rural Development- 3

Entrepreneurship and Rural Development- 2

Developing an Idea Into New Story

Descriptive Statistics

Communication Process


Basic Facts of HIV AIDS

Radio Documentary-2

Normal Distribution

Land Reforms and Rural Development- 4

Introduction to Journalism and Television

Food and Nutrition Security

Entrepreneurship and Rural Development part-VII

Communication and Extension in Rural Development

Characteristics of Radio Medium

Article and Feature Writing

Human Energy Requirement

Food Processing

Field Work and Dissertation in Rural Development

Economic Journalism

Awareness Cum Training Packages in Disability

Entrepreneurship and Rural Development- 1

Dietary Management of Liver Diseases

Research Methodology Dissertation

202-Carbohydrate Metabolism glyeolysis citric acid cycle

200-Dietary Managment of liver disease

Introduction to Master of Science in Dietetics and Food Service Management

Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP)

Food Hazards and Contaminants


Planning Balanced Diets For Pregnant Women

201-Introduction to MSc. in Dietetics and food services management

Food Spoilage and Its Prevention

Grameen Vikas (Grameen Sehkari Sansthayen)

Rural Development (Towards a greener world)

Basti Sevika (Ek Anubhav)

Nutritional Deficiency Disorders Part-I (PEM ANEMIA)

Nutrition and Health Education (An Introduction)

Carbohydrates Basic Concepts

Dietary Management Of Liver Diseases

Validictory Session

Perspective on Counseling & Family Theraphy

Marital and Family Theraphy & Potential of Counseling and FT in Talking


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