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News Documentory

TV Reporting Ki Vartmaan Disha

Basic Communication Concepts

Views on Reporting-Mark Tully

Television ki duniya

Media - Perspective & Challenges

Impact of T.V. Violence on Children

Changing Media Scenario

Portrayal of women in Indian TV Serials

Design Message in Advertising

Communication Research

Newspaper Layout and Design

Views on Interview Techniques-Rajiv Mehrotra

paramparik evam adhunik sanchar madhyam

vikas aur siksha mai upgarah sanchar

Views on ethics in Advertising

Reporting and Interviewing Techniques for radio and Television part-2

Career in Public Relation

Breaking News

Concepts of Public Relation

Media Education: Concepts & Practices

Changing Media Scenario

India Broadcast Scenario - Emerging Trends

News Reporting

Defence Reporting

Sustanability in Community Radio - Case Study of Radio

Public Relation Crisis Management

International Communication and Global Media

Parliamentary Report

Script & Screen Play Writing

Radio Programming & Functions

Interrogative Media Practices

Types of Radio Management

Advance Sculpting in Mudbox

Changing Role of New Media

Telephone Etiqueties

News Paper Designing

Television Reporting

Kinds of Advertisement Part -II

Media Me Chunaavi Coverage

What Makes News?

Video Editing and Its Types

Kinds of Advertisement Part -I

E-Mail Ettiquetes

Camera Shots Angles in News Coverage

Theories of Communication

Perspective on Counseling & Family Theraphy

Training Methodology

A Perspective on Asia Media

Character Design

Understanding News Media Studies


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