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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Experiment-1 Determination of Soil TextureKumar, Mukesh
Experiment- 1.pdf.jpg2017-04-20Experiment-1 Determination of Viscosity of Batter-
EXPERIMENT 1.pdf.jpg2017Experiment-1 Equilibrium Moisture Content (EMC)-
2018Experiment-1 Equilibrium Moisture Content (EMC)-
Experiment-1.pdf.jpg2017-04-19Experiment-1 Estimation of Hatching and Brushing Percentage of Silkworm Eggs-
Experiment-1.pdf.jpg2017-04-22Experiment-1 Estimation of Iron in Water (used in Fish Handling and Processing)-
Experiment-1.pdf.jpg2017-04-22Experiment-1 Estimation of Moisture-
Experiment-1.pdf.jpg2017-04-20Experiment-1 Experimental Protocols in the Manual Preparation of Fish Mince-
Experiment-1.pdf.jpg2017Experiment-1 Handling Common Laboratory Equipment-
Experiment-1.pdf.jpg2017-04-19Experiment-1 Identification of External Body Parts of a Bird-
2017Experiment-1 Identification of Feed Ingredients for Poultry FeedingShrivastava, H.P.; Sasidhar, P.V.K.
2017Experiment-1 Identification of Healthy and Sick BirdsHingane, V. R.
Experiment-1.pdf.jpg2017-04-22Experiment-1 Identification of Packaging Materials-
Experiment-1.pdf.jpg2017-04-20Experiment-1 Identification of Sources for milk losses during processing of milk and preparation of milk products-
Experiment-1.pdf.jpg2017-04-22Experiment-1 Introduction to Product Formulation-
Experiment-1.pdf.jpg2017Experiment-1 Introduction to the Basic Microbiology Laboratory Practices-
2018Experiment-1 Layout of an OrchardDhawan, S. S.
Experiment-1.pdf.jpg2017Experiment-1 Measurements in Physics-
Experiment-1.pdf.jpg2017Experiment-1 Microscopy-
2018Experiment-1 pH Titration of a Strong Acid (Battery Acid)-